Maximizing sustainability

Sustainability is our core principle in assembly system design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Site Analysis & Feasibility and Design

As ERL, we first conduct site analysis and site feasibility in order to evaluate the site to be invested in the most effective way, and in the light of this data, we design the most suitable construction for the application area.

Innovative solutions

Project Design and Engineering

After the design is completed according to national and international standards, we produce project design and engineering solutions according to the unique parameters of the site such as client demands, regulatory requirements, site tests, static calculations, climate and geographical location.

Implementation and Integration

We plan the implementation and integration services in the fields with our expert engineers, implement them according to the project plan, control them at every step and complete them according to the projected principles.

We carry out the implementation process with an effective project and supply management approach that adheres to occupational health and safety principles and complies with laws and regulations.


Production, Supply and Logistics

We combine our industrial and production experience with technology and make domestic production with high quality consciousness in a total area of 25.000 m2 with Erol Metal A.Ş., which is our group company and has been operating for more than 40 years. We produce different project-specific solutions as well as standard products as Turkey’s most equipped open profile manufacturer with a total of 10 Roll-Forming lines, 4 Hole Drilling machines and an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

We ensure that the assembly system reaches the project site in a timely and healthy manner with the most suitable land, sea and air transportation options and the most suitable packaging methods in line with customer needs, project requirements and geographical conditions.

Service and Maintenance

Keeping system efficiency and system lifetime at the maximum level can only be achieved through periodic control, preventive and preventive maintenance services.

Accordingly, regular maintenance, repair and emergency technical interventions are provided in a complete and regular manner by our competent technical service and maintenance team.