Smart design, smart installation with
ERL Solar Mounting Systems

ERL Solar Mounting Systems; in all its applications; provides reliable and fast installation with its high quality, project-specific design mounting system.

Ideal Solution for Different Project Areas

ERL Solar Mounting Systems, with half a century of manufacturing, design and market experience, has reflected its production and service policy that does not compromise on quality to today’s developing Solar Energy sector. In order to realize new technologies in the field of renewable energy, it has the ability to make project-specific design and production in domestic and international projects. After receiving the details of the installation site and location, structural analysis and design for the “Solar Mounting System” is provided.

Ground fixed solar mounting systems are designed and applied to the ground according to the location, ground type, panel type and desired layout.

These are the solar mounting systems offered by ERL Solar Mounting Systems for installation on roofs. It is the most common installation site for buildings. Suitable installation can be provided for any roof structure.

Tracker systems are mechanical systems that follow the sun according to its position and thus increase energy production by receiving the rays vertically.

ERL Solar Carport Systems are suitable for parking lots of shopping malls, Hotels, commercial parking areas, private parking areas, with it’s proper ground clearance.

Agro PV, or dual-use solar mounting systems, is the simultaneous use of land areas for both solar photovoltaic power generation and agriculture.


Meet the ERL Experience

We became the leader of the sector by establishing solar power plants over 3.1 GW in 13 years. ERL, with its half a century of metalworking experience and 13 years of industry experience, will be your right business partner in your solar energy projects.